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Richard Wossidlo (1859 – 1939) created, assisted by hundreds of informers, helpers and contributors and his ingenious technique in field research, a remarkable ethnographic collection in which he documented folk-culture and language use in Mecklenburg. This collection consists of more than 2 million unique manuscripts, forming several corpora, interlinked with each other. The manuscripts comprise fieldwork notes, correspondences, collection-work scripts and much more. As an outstanding part of Wossidlo’s estate, a highly differentiated structure can be named. The ethnographer Wossidlo interlinked his multiplex documents semantically – this kind of thesaurus is going to be modernised and presented multilingually online. A practical management requires a special sustained archive solution meeting international standards. Retrieval, analysis, presentation and publishing of search-results, the system will be based on an XML-able system. The WossiDiA-project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK).

Richard Wossidlo